The Power of Aluminium

Aluminium boat is extremely robust, carefree, and requires low maintenance. Indonesia has thousands of islands and tough seas that face the Indian and Pacific ocean, thus it requires strong, safe vessels for transportation.


If you need boats that can withstand harsh conditions, then Aluminium should be considered first. Aluminium is tough, it can resist impacts that fiberglass can’t. Aluminium can take all the knocks and impacts that are more likely to leave just a dent rather than a hole. Overtime GRP materials can deteriorate and be subjected to crackings and fractures during impacts. Aluminium has considerable ductility, i.e, the ability to withstand permanent deforestation without rupture. This is because Aluminium has low modulus of elasticity, it absorbs the energy of impact and prevent damages.


Aluminium does not burn like GRP boats. Glass fiber Boats contain petroleum based resins which are combustible for most boats build in Indonesia.


On weight, base Aluminium is twice that of steel and one-third greater than glass fiber boats. Aluminium boats can build stronger and lighter without breaking the budget.


Aluminium boats are extremely robust, carefree, and low maintenance. Indonesia has thousands of islands and rough seas that face the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Boats are required to be strong and safe vessels for transportation. Aluminium is well-suited for these ocean conditions.

For the Environment

Aluminium hulls are highly durable and will last for generations. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, which is environmental-friendly.

UV Radiation

Aluminium is not affected by ultraviolet rays from the sun. UV rays can damage fiberglass over time and require more Aluminium boats.


Fortunately, all types of boats can be repaired , but Aluminium boats are much easier to be repaired. Any damages can be immediately welded and repaired. Aluminium boats can be repaired and back in service in the shortest possible time.

For the Weight

Aluminium weighs 2,70g/cm3; about 30-40% lighter than solid layup fibregrass boats and 45% to 55% lighter through water, better fuel economy, better speed, and greater payload.

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